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Tech tools for teachers:


Diigo (social bookmarking of websites)

StumbleUpon (social bookmarking of websites)

Symbaloo (creates a shareable personal learning network)

Collaboration: (brainstorming digram)

Celly or (create your own social network)

Gaggle (social learning within a safe & secure environment)

iBrainstorm (use your Apple device for collaboration)

Padlet (a virtual wall to express ideas/thoughts)

Pearltrees (create a visual & collaborative library to organize & retrieve web pages, photos, notes, etc.)

Stormboard (brainstorming tool)

Twiddla (no-setup interactive whiteboard meeting space)


Google Hangout (bring conversations to life with group video chat)

Remind 101 (safe way for teachers to text students and/or parents)

Skype (voice communication system)

Todaysmeet (create online meeting places)

Twitter (bite-sized social networking)

Wiggio (online toolkit for hosting virtual meetings/conference calls)

Classroom Interaction:

GoNoodle (fun & interactive way to get students moving & focused for a lesson)

PollEverywhere (create polls for formative assessments, quizzes, & presentations)

Socrative (use mobile devices as smart student response system)

Twiducate (twitter for the classroom)


Flipsnack eBook creator (make your own flipbook from scratch or by editing PDF files)

ibooks Author (create your own ibook with templates, drag-and-drop features, & customizability)

Net Texts (replace or supplement textbooks)

Scribble Press (a book creation platform)

Electronic Note Taking/Note Management:

Evernote (works with multiple devices to save/tag/search notes, photos, handwritten text, and so on)

GoodNotes (iPad app for note taking)

PaperPort (combine docs, web content, audio, typed text, & handwritten notes)

Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later; put articles, videos, or websites to read/view later)

File Sharing:

Box (secure file sharing, storage, & collaboration)

DropBox (cloud storage that keeps your files up-to-date across devices)

Google Docs (create & collaborate document)

Pogoplug (cloud storage for all your photos & files)

Gamification/Formative Assessment:

ClassCraft (turn your classroom into a role-playing game)

Discovery Agents (teachers can build their own location-based game)

FlipQuiz (create your own gameshow-style boards)

Geocaching (outdoor hide & seek for caches)

GetKahoot (game-based classroom response tool) (website uses various games to teach civics to students)

Scratch (create simple games)

Scratch Jr. (easy-to-use game creation for ages 5-7)

Second Life (a virtual 3-D world)

LMS (Learning Managment System):

Edmodo (combination of social media & learning management system)

Mobl21 (extend learning beyond the classroom)

Schoology (ultimate way to manage lessons, engage students, share content, & connect with educators)

Presentation Tools:

authorSTREAM (upload powerpoints to the web)

Haiku Deck (website & iPad app)

Prezi (the zooming presentation editor)

Roxio Photoshow (build a fun photostory)

Slideboom (create/upload powerpoint presentations)

Slideshare (share presentations, documents, and video)

vcasmo (free presentation bulding)


App Inventor (develop applications for Android phones)

Blabberize (make a photo talk)

Blogger (create your own blog)

Coggle (visual way to draw connections between various concepts or events)

Doodle Buddy (app that lets you draw, paint, scribble, & sketch) (create and share visual ideas (vhemes))

eduClipper (clips & cites images, websites, piece of content/video/document like a virtual bulletin board)

eduGlogster (create an interactive, multimedia poster)

History Pin (share historical pictures)

Kid Blog (students & educators create blogs)

Mad Pad (turn everyday sounds into the ultimate percussive instrument)

PicCollage (create collages with pics, stickers, text, etc.)

Pic Say (improve and edit photos)

ReciteThis (turn any quote into a work of art)

Shadow Puppet EDU (students can easily create videos on their Apple device)

Story Bird (collaborative storytelling)

Tagxedo (tag clouds with styles)

ToonCamera (Apple app that converts pictures & video into cartoon-like animations)

ToonDoo (create editorial cartoons)

Toontastic (easily created cartoons)

UJAM (free online music production studio app)

VoiceThread (collaborative story telling)

Weebly (drag-and-drop website builder)

wikispaces (create a wiki)

WIX (create a free flash website)

Wordle (create your own word cloud)

WordPress (create a free website or blog)


Creative Commons on Flickr (photos for use)

Desmos (for math enthusiasts around the world)

Easy Bib (create a bibliography)

Forvo (largest pronunciation dictionary in the world)

Photobucket (find photos, cartoons, drawings to use)

Wolfram Alpha (the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge & computation)

Student Soft Skills:

BigInterview (video tutorials & virtual interview practice software)

CUHK Soft Skills Mentor (help students learn & practice soft skills)

Mentor Training (employee & organization development)

MentorSET (soft skills mentoring specifically for women) Interviews by Monster Worldwide (app helps users practice interviewing)

My Interview Simulator (computer simulation to help students practice interviewing)

Soft/Life Skills (information on teaching life/soft skills)

Study Tools:

Flashcards by Brainscape (create & share flashcards)

Flashcards by NKO (create & share flashcards)

Quizlet (mobile studying)

Studies (more advanced form of flashcards)

StudyDroid Flashcards (flashcards for Android)

Teacher Tools:

classBADGES (teachers can award badges to students)

ClassDojo (classroom tool for improving student behavior)

Discovery Box (create interactive cubes)

FutureMe (send yourself a future email to remind, inspire, or reflect)

IFTTT (service you direct -"If This Then That/example: if the weather is rainy then text me to bring an umbrella)

Mastery Connect (professional learning community for teachers)

Nearpod (use to synchronize the use of iPads in the classroom)

QR Code Generator (generate a QR code)

QR Stuff (generate a QR code for a variety of digital items)

QR Voice (generate a QR code for an audio response)

Random Name Picker (fun way to ensure students are randomly chosen)

Screenleap (instantly share your screen with viewers on any device)

Survey Monkey (create an online survey)

TeacherKit (personal organizer for teachers to track student attendance, grades, & behavior)

Video (already made, can modify, and create your own):

Animoto (create slide/picture shows into video)

Doceri (free iPad app)

EDpuzzle (flip your instruction by making your own videos)

educreations (teach anything to anyone from anywhere)

Go!Animate (make animated videos with ease)

Google Story Builder (create your own short video with text animation)

iPadio (broadcast live to the web from a phone)

iTunes U (access to complete courses - apple devices only)

Khan Academy (find video lessons)

Learnist ("Pinterest for education" - lessons for how to do anything)

PlayPosit (make video content interactive)

ShowMe (create your own lessons with your iPad)

TechSmith (use many recording and editing Camtasia, Snagit, Screencast, & Coach's Eye)

Ted and TED-Ed (riveting talks by remarkable people)

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